April 2004

[Plaza in Tapalpa]

In April, with our friend Joanne we took a three day jaunt up to the mountains above Sayula on Lake Sayula on the way to Colima to the south and west of Ajijic. This delightful town is a favorite of both Mexicans and ex pats to get away to the cooler climate in the hotest time of the year for us here, April and May. The Plaza has two churches. The earlier St. Antonio Church was damaged by an earthquake and so a new church was built across the street. The old Church building is now an art gallery. We stayed at the newly opened La Casona de Manzano, once a private home and now an elegant bed and breakfast inn.

[St. Antonio Art Gallery] [New Church on Plaza] [Joanne and Robin at Casona Manzano]

The Casona had delightful views from our windows on the second floor. South to Colima and the volcano and snow covered peak beside it, barely visible on the horizon. And west towards the Plaza with the City Hall and Church.

[View towards Colima] [View towards the Plaza]

The inn has a wonderful atrium courtyard with seating on the main floor and on the balconies around on the second floor. At the back of the second floor is a wonderful lounge area with a large fireplace and tables that is shared by guests. Tapalpa gets cool in the evenings so this fireplace is a welcome spot in the evenings. Besides this one, each room in the inn has its own cosy fireplace.

[Casona Manzano Courtyard] [Second Floor Seating] [Second Floor Lounge]

The Plaza is surrounded by great old buildings constructed of adobe and old wooden beams. The local architecture is somewhat reminiscent of Swiss or German designs with large overhands, small dormer windows and extensive use of heavy wooden beams.

[Popular Restaurant on Plaza] [More Plaza Buildings]

The countryside around Tapalpa is beautiful with a Country Club, Falls, old haciendas and the area is a popular spot for "extreme" sports such as hang gliding. Take a look at some of the photos of people in hang gliders jumping off the mountain to sail down into the Sayula valley. Several even managed once to sail across the valled and another range of mountains to land near Lake Chapala, a distance of about 30 miles.


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