[Robin Lawrason 2004]

One of my goals when I retired and moved to Mexico in 1998 was to continue writing that I had begun as early as 1986. I was brought up in a wonderful little village between Niagara Falls and Niagara-on-the-Lake on Lake Ontario. I decided to try to put my memories down on paper about growing up beneath Queenston Heights, my own small village, and one of the birthplaces of present day Canada after an important battle in the War of 1812.

Poetry and other journals followed, some published, some just for therapy or amusement. In 2007, I retired for a third time (see "New Beginnings".) Then in 2010, I began to put my writing to work on a monthly column in the Chapala Review to help promote one of our favorite charities, the Love in Action Children's Center in Chapala.

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