Part 3: 1980s to present
Revised August 12, 2010

By the 1980s, Mum and Dad sold their home on Norfolk Street in Hamilton and moved into St. Elizabeth’s Village, a Catholic elder care facility, where they spent more relaxed and happy days, particularly at their 50th Anniversary Party in 1987 held at the Club House just across the street. Dad died in 1991 just a year before Mum’s 90th birthday. And within another year, mother was gone too and their ashes deposited in a columbarium just below the mountain on the road west from Hamilton towards Ancaster.

[Family on Parents 50th Anniversary, 1989] [Boys with Mum on her 90th] [Brothers at Cemetary]

And now we three brothers were the older generation. We have grown from eager young boys (Robin on left, Ralph on right and David in the back seat) on an amusement park ride at the Canadian National Exhibition in 1950, to mature men in 1989, and to “senior citizens” celebrating Dave’s 65th Birthday and Ralph’s 60th Birthday in May 2004.

[David, Robin and Ralph at CNE in 1950] [Boys in 1989] [Boys in 2004]

Both David and Ralph have two children: a boy and a girl each, the first girls on the Lawrason side in five generations. A picture taken in the seventies shows all four: David's children Lynda and Peter in the back row, with Ralph's children Brent and Elizabeth in the front row. Lynda was demonstrating her new dance routines and was showing her cousins her moves. Brent got into the action too and decided to dress up along with the others. A more recent picture of Brent, who now lives and works in Vancouver BC, was taken with his nephew Jesse in Christmas of 2002.

[Lynda, Peter, Brent & Elizabeth] [Brent] [Brent & Jesse]

Peter, Lynda and Elizabeth all have families of their own. Lynda has two sons, Bryton and Dylan. Lynda with her partner Michael are on the left and on the right is a 2009 photo of her son Dylan.

[Lynda and Michael 2009] [Dylan 2009]

Peter's children are Cassandra and Jake. Peter and his Jake are in the photo on the left, Cassie in the middle and a family shot of Peter, Elizabeth, Lynda and Brent taken at Brent's 35th birthday in 2009.

[Peter y Jake 2009] [Cassie 2009] [Peter, Elizabeth, Lynda & Brent 2009]

Ralph and his wife Myrt's offspring are Brent and Elizabeth seen in the picture on the left about 1990. The next picture shows Elizabeth seated on the left between her husband Steve and brother Brent at Mum's 90th birthday in 1992. A more recent pictures shows Elizabeth with her parents. Brent was home for Christmas 2002 for this family photo under the tree with Elizabeth and Steve's two children Derek and Jesse.

[Brent and Elizabeth] [Steve & Elizabeth with Brent] [Elizabeth with parents Myrt and Ralph] [Ralph Lawrason Family Xmas '02]

Elizabeth is seen here on the left with the two boys. Derek is shown in the center and Jesse on the right in these recent pictures taken with a recent addition to the family.

[Elizabeth with Derek & Jesse] [Derek] [Jesse]

On my trip up to Ontario to visit Dave on his 65th and Ralph on his 60th birthday, both in May 2004, I took the shot of David's extended family: Wendy kneeling in front with Jake and Cassandra, sitting from left to right are David, Chris (Elizabeth’s son by a previous marriage), Peter and Elizabeth.

Touring the Niagara Parks Commission we visited the Lilac Gardens on the Heights just above where we grew up. Dave and Elizabeth are pictures with Chris and I had to have my picture taken as well.

[Peter & family] [David, Elizabeth & Chris] [Robin in Lilacs]

My brother David, shown here in a 2004 picture with his wife Elizabeth, inherited our Father’s love of gardening and he surpasses himself every year in the garden around the pool of their house in St. Catharines. He grows dahlias, roses, peonies and many other varieties. On our 2010 trip to Ontario Dave and Elizabeth took us to the new Sky Wheel overlooking Niagara Falls.

[David and Elizabeth 2004] [David's Garden 2004] [David & Elizabeth]

Many members of the family attended our Wedding on June 14, 2010 in Niagara-on-the-Lake. Ralph and Myrt with their son Brent; David's son Peter with his friend Kathy, his son Jake and daughter Cassie with her friend Michael; and Peter's sister Lynda and her partner Michael.

[Ralph, Myrt and son Brent] [Nephew Peter's family] [Michael and niece Lynda]

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