Part 2: 1969 to 1974
From English Teacher to Media Professor

Revised July 9, 2006

Jay and I moved to Gainesville Florida in the summer of 1969 where I enrolled in a Masters program in the College of Education and he took over the temporary position of Rare Book Librarian at the University of Florida. Jay bought a home surrounded by camelias and azaleas.

[Gainesville Home] [Robin, 1970] [Jay, 1970]

After graduatin the following summer, we headed for Arizona where Jay took a permanent position as Assistant Director of the Arizona State University Library and I entered a doctorate program in Educational Technology. We lived in a beautiful new home near the University in Tempe with our dachshund J. Edgar von Bumble.

[Tempe AZ Home] [Robin, 1970] [Robin, 1971]

After earning my Ph.D. in 1972 I was recruited by the University of British Columba as an Assistant Professor of Education in the Department of Educational Media and Communications. I lived in a penthouse in the English Bay area close to the glorious beaches and Stanley Park.

[Vancouver Penthouse] [Robin with students, 1973] [Robin in Stanley Park, 1972]

Then in 1973 I met Jim Lloyd and by May of 1974 I moved to Philadelphia and a new position as head of the Media Learning Center in the College of Arts and Sciences at Temple University. By the time that I retired in 1998, the audio language lab included full media and computer lab space for faculty and students.

[Media Learning Center] [Robin at MLC, 1976] [Robin at MLC, 1978]

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