Part 1: 1941 to 1969
Revised July 9, 2006

[Baby Robin, 1941] [Robin in Crib, 1941] [Robin nude, 1944]

I was born in a Salvation Army Hospital in Ottawa in 1941 when the family lived in Carp, now a suburb of that city. We moved to Queenston Ontario in 1943 and all my many wonderful memories are of that "golden" period growing up in an old brown shingle house on the hill. You can read and view more of these selected memories in “Beneath the Heights: Growing up at Queenston and Beyond”. Life in the small village was idyllic, or so the memories read now, with much care and love from both Mother and Dad.

[Our Queenston Home] [Mum with David, Robin and Ralph] [Dad with David, Robin and Ralph]

We had wonderful days as kids, at birthday parties with our friends, visiting with relatives like Uncle Doug (Dad's oldest brother) and his wife Aunt Scottie. But by the early 60s our days were numbered in the old house on the hill in Queenston.

[Dave's Birthday Party c. 1946] [David (1), Robin (2) and Ralph (3) with Doug & Scottie] [Robin and Mum c. 1960]

The childhood years in the forties fifties soon passed and I graduated from high school in 1960 and began my first year at McMaster University.

[Robin, 1953] [Robin, 1958] [Robin, 1960]

In 1962 we moved from Queenston into Hamilton where in 1964 I graduated from McMaster University in Hamilton with my best friend and fiancee Ann. We both began our teaching careers in Hamilton that same year. And we ended our engagement that fall.

[Ann and Robin with Lynda and Peter, 1963] [Graduation from Mac with Ann in 1964] [Graduation from Mac in 1964]

In 1963 Mum and Dad moved into the first house they ever owned on Norfolk Street. In 1965 my brother Ralph got married just down the street.

[Mum and Dad, 1960s] [Ralph & Myrtle's Wedding, 1965]

By 1967 I was living with Jay in Toronto and teaching at York Mills Collegiate. In 1969 after five years of teaching high school English, we moved to sunny Florida where I began a Masters program in Educational Media.

[Robin, 1964] [Robin with Jay, 1967] [Robin, 1969]

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