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[Dad and his Lawrason family, 1916] [David & Robin c. 1948] [Mum and her Priest family, c.1918]

My memories of family within my lifetime go back to old black and white photos of both my Dadís family and my Mumís family, the Priests. My Father and his family are pictured in the old photo on the left taken in 1916. My grandparents Thomas Douglas Lawrason (b. 1872) and Jessie Gordon (b. 1873) with Dad, Thomas Stuart (b. 1904) on the left, the oldest son Uncle Douglas (b. 1899) standing behind, Uncle Gordon (b. 1908) seated in front and the youngest, Uncle Murray (b. 1910), on the right in the kilt.

My Mother and her family appear in the photograph on the right, taken around 1918. My grandfather Charles Walter Priest(b. 1881) is seated on the right, with grandmother Emma (Tillie) Vollick on the left with the youngest Evelyn (b. 1911) between them. In the back row are my Uncles Edgar (b. 1908), Leonard (b. 1905) and Clarence (b. 1904) standing in the back with my Mother (b. 1902), the oldest, standing in the middle.

Uncle Murray's kilts were made for for him when my Grandfather Lawrason served in the First World War. They have been handed down within the family ever since. David and I wore them about 1948 with the single uniform divided between us. Unfortunately, as the younger brother I wore a lap rug instead of the genuine kilt.

Seeing your parents as young people is always amazing, but not as incredible as seeing your own youthful pictures many years later.

[Mother, 1920s] [Father, 1930s] [Wedding, 1937]

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