As Bees in Honey Drown
September 17-19, 2010

Jim and I both appeared in the satrirical comedy As Bees in Honey Drown written by Douglas Carter Bean and first produced in New York City in 1997. Our Reader's Theater production was directed beautifully by Betty Lloyd Robinson. This was the first production in the new Pequeno Theater behind the Beer and Tequila Bar.

[Jim in Green Room] [Naked Stage Sign] [Robin in Green Room]

[Women in cast in Green Room] [Betty Lloyd Robinson] [Men in cast in Green Room]

Robin played the Narrator and introduced the play and kept the audience aware of changing scenes and actions on stage.

[Robin's Introduction] [Seven member cast on Stage] [Robin resting between scenes]

Jim played several roles from an effeminate Saks sales clerk to rock musician Skunk and the artist Michael Stabinski.

[Jim] [Keith & Jim] [Keith, Jim & Ed]

The play was a great success despite party noises, including a loud Mariachi Band, coming through the back wall during the busy Mexican Bicentenial Weekend. Collete who played the "devestating" lead character Alexa Ver de Ver was a great hit as was the whole production as we took our bows.

[Collette] [Robin, Day, Anita and Collette] [Cast taking their bows]

[red line graphic]

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