An Afternoon with Woody Allen
January 29-31, 2010

[Group: First Rehearsal]

The fifth Naked Stage production was three sketches written by Woody Allen, but rarely performed. After Jeritza and Betty, founders of Naked Stage, made their comments, they introduced Director Kristine Moily who then introduced the author Woody Allen (Neal Checkoway.) Woody had many zany comments and set up each of the three sketches.

[Jeritza & Betty] [Woody Allen] [Kristine, the Director]

The narrator (Chris L'Ecluse) read the stage directions for all the three sketches to keep the audience on track. The first sketch, "Death Knocks," shows what happens when Death (Russell Mack) comes to visit Nate Ackerman (Don Chaloner). Nate then challenges Death to a game of Gin Rummy and thereby earns himself an extra day.

[Don] [Chris, Don & Russell] [Don & Russell]

The second sketch, "Writer's Block" involves a harried writer (Robin) who is confronted by an eccentric but knowledgeable street person (Howard Feldstein) who challenges both about his work and the affair he is having with his mistress Barbara (Katie B. Goode.)

[Robin & Howard] [Robin & Howard] [Katy, Robin and Howard]

After the intermission, Jim appeared as Hepititus a frustrated Greek playright arguing with his lead actor Diabetes (Ed Tasca) in the third sketch, "God: Act Two." They are then joined on stage by Doris (Tyler Buhl) a member of the audience who promises to help them out. Next Trichinosis (Russell Mack) shows up to propose his solution to ending the play.

[Ed & Jim] [Ed, Jim & Tyler] [Ed, Jim, Tyler & Russell]

The play within a play degenerates from there with another author (Darius Moily) claiming authorship, an enraged audience member (Doreen Chaloner) stomping out, and the arrival of Blanche Dubois (Patteye Simpson) escaping her unhappy role in "Streetcar Named Desire."

[Darius] [Doreen] [Patteye]

Finally, King Oedipus (Howard Felstein) arrives to end the play, but Zeus fails to appear to solve the ending and all leave unresolved and frustrated. Doris then re-emerges from the audience to promise to provide not an ending but a "climax" for the author or actor.

[Patteye & Darius] [Howard, Ed & Jim] [Ed, Tyler & Jim]

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