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The Naked Stage Productions were begun by Jeritza McCarter and Betty Lloyd-Robinson as an informal minimalist reader's theater entertainment here in Ajijic. The concept was to do more "edgy" material than possible in regular Lakeside Little Theater productions and to give individuals a chance to perform without the time and effort of a full production with memorized role. The first production began in October on The Naked Stage set up in Betty's garden and seating just 60 people. Productions ever since have been nearly sold out.

[Jeritza & Betty] [second reader's production] [Naked Stage Audience]

Jim first appeared in the November production of John Patrick Shanley's Psychopathia Sexualis as the psychiatrist helping to solve a couple's sexual problems.

[Jim & Howard] [Jim & Kathleen] [Curtain Call full cast]

The both Jim and Robin appeared in the December production of (X)Mas Turkey and Hams. We began with "We Need a Little Christmas" and the cast performed a series of skits. Robin appeared as the doctor in the "Despondex" drug announcement, and as a husband fearing his wife's plan to kill him.

[We Need a Little Christmas] [Robin in Despondex] [Robin in Poison Egg Nog]

Jim played a lecherous Santa chasing most of the women in the cast: Betty, Kristine, Jeritza and Florette (not shown.)

[Jim & Betty] [Jim & Kristine] [Jim & Jeritza]

Robin played one of the Three Wisemen, "disoriented are," trying to locate the star. And the finale included the whole cast singing Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, Jingle Bells and We Wish You a Merry Christmas. Great fun for cast and audience as well!

[Disoriented Wisemen: Darius, Robin & Fred] [Cast finale] [Cast finale]

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