Updated: March 16, 2014

We brought two cats with us from Philadelphia: Bambi, a gray and white domestic shorthair; and LuCee, a Siamese. Sadly now we've lost them both. LuCee died in 2007 and Bambi, very feeble and almost 20 years old, fell into the front fountain and drowned in May of 2009.

[Bambi] [LuCee] [LuCee, Bambi and Honey]

Honey, a sweet Cocker Spaniel, was rescued from the street by a friend. We took her on when we moved into the new house in 1999. She soon became Robin's dog and here she is guarding a little sparrow that knocked itself out against a glass window. Sadly, we lost Honey too in early December of 2009.

[Honey with sparrow] [Honey] [Honey]

Snickers came to us in 2006 from a broken home. Friends had taken her in temporarily, and after two many Manhatans, Robin decided to take her home for a "sleepover" to see if she got along with Honey. She did and she's been here ever since.

[Snickers & Honey] [Snickers] [Snickers]

In September 2009 a two month old Pointer puppy arrived at our door and it only took a few minutes to adopt her as well. With her black and white markings she soon became "Oreo." But we left within a week for France and our house sitter had to house train her. The dog obedience classes to help train this rambunctious puppy were only partly successful and she still is chewing up the occasional pillow. At the end of her first year she has grown to full size. Snickers seems to love her new "sister" and the two romp and play giving them much needed exercise.

[Oreo: 2 months] [Oreo: July 2010] [Snickers & Oreo]

Then, Snickers was ailing. She had gone deaf and suffered spine pain. She could no longer jump up on the bed or even do the stairs. When we went to lift her up, she would snap and bite. So in October 2013, she followed her older sisters, leaving us just with our "new" addition, Oreo. Sweet Oreo continues to delight and loves us and her horse friend in the pasture across the street.

[Oreo with Robin] [Oreo with horse] [Oreo on front terrace]

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