[Jesus Crucified]

Each year in Ajijic since 1980, the Mexican community has staged an elaborate Easter Passion Play. On Good Friday, the trail and crucifixion of Jesus is played out. Jesus is brought by the Jewish leaders through the streets of the Ajijc and the people present him first to the Roman governor, Pilate. He in turn sends Jesus to King Herod who promptly returns him to Pilate.

[Jesus lead to trail] [Crowd presents Jesus to Pilate] [Jesus before Pilate] [Jesus before Herod]

Pilate's court is decorated with live "statues" of Roman gods. Jesus is scourged and a crown of thorns placed on his head before Pilate turns him over to the crowd.

[Pilate's statues] [Crowd presents Jesus to Pilate] [Crown of thorns] [Pilate releases Jesus]

Jesus is lead away, placed on the cross and carries his burden through the streets. Ajijic villagers decorate their own "Way of the Cross" leading to the hillside outside the village.

[Jesus lead away] [Jesus carries his cross] [Jesus stumbles] [Way of the Cross]

Jesus is lifted to the cross between the two thieves and the "King of the Jews" sign placed over his head. His mother, Mary, and other women followers approach the cross. And after his death, Jesus is removed from the cross and taken to Joseph of Aramethea's tomb.

[Jesus crucified] [King of the Jews sign placed] [Mary & women approach] [Jesus taken from cross]

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