Last Updated: February 28, 2005

[Jim Lloyd]

We celebrated my 66th birthday on February 19, 2005, with about 66 of my friends. Guests included from the left, Barbara Clippinger, myself, Liz White, Mark Henderson and Jim Wengert. After the photo of my cutting the birthday cake, the second group includes Barbara, Mary Prud'homme, Donna Carnall, myself and Estella Hidalgo.

[Birthday guests] [Jim cuts the cake] [More Birthday guests]

In September 2005, artist and designer Romy held an exhibition and demonstration of erotic art at his studio near our home in La Cristina. Romy created his own erotic art, some modelled on frescoes found at Pompei as seen behind us in the first photo. Part of the event was an opportunity to participate in body painting. Here Marc Dorval apply our artistic touches to a young model.

[Jim and Romy] [Jim and Marc body painting]

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