March 22, 2006

[Diana Kennedy and Cookbook]

We first met Diana Kennedy in the late 90s when she was invited to address the Mexican Society of Philadelphia. Jim purchased several of her cookbooks on Mexican cooking at the time. Then last year here in Mexico we had the opportunity of meeting Diana at her home in Zitacuaro, Michoacan. Now he has taken his first cooking class with Diana at the home of Mary and John Bragg here in Ajijic. Diana Kennedy is the current-day guro of Mexican food and its flavors. New Yorker readily claims, "No one touches Diana Kennedy when it comes to Mexican food. Connoisseur notes, "The escoffier of Mexico, Diana Kennedy is the world's foremost authority on the subject of Mexican food!"

Diana began her course with a recipe for Amarillo, a Yellow Mole from Oaxaca. She continued with toasting chiles and pepper seeds for De Salsa Chile Cascabel made with cascabel peppers.
And her second salsa is a green Salsa de Tia Georgina.

[Class begins] [Amarillo: Yellow Mole] [Roasting chilies] [Roasting pepper seeds]

The next dish is Minguichi III made with green chile strips to which she adds cheese as the last step.

[blending salsa] [Minguichi III] [adding green chili] [adding cheese]

The finished Minguici III was plated and Diana continued with a Guacamole Chacuero with peaches and grapes and topped with pommegranate seeds.

[Minguici III] [mixing guacamole] [Guacamole]

Jim and Diana taste the Amarillo and then plate the finished mole. The two salsas are plated with rice.

[tasking yellow mole] [Amarillo: Oaxacan yellow mole] [Salsas with rice]

The next day Diana spoke to her many fans at La Nueva Posada where she signed copies of her many Mexican cookbooks.

[speaking at Nueva Posada] [signing cookbooks] [signing cookbooks]

[red line graphic]

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