[Lion Program] [Director: Anya Flesh]

Pictured above is our Director, Anya Flesh. The cast is pictured below from left to right: Jeritza McCarter as Eleanor of Aquitaine, Don Rausch as King Henry II, Kristina Morgan Barker as Alais, and Joel Barker as King Phillip of France.

[Eleanor Aquitaine] [King Henry of England] [Alais] [King Philip of France]

Eleanor and Henry's three sons are pictured below: myself as Prince Richard, David Rose as Prince Geoffrey and Dylan Barker as Prince John.

[Prince Richard] [Prince Geoffrey] [Prince John]

The play opens with Henry talking to Alais, Henry's mistress and Richard's fiancée. The three princes await the arrival of Eleanor, released from prison for the Christmas holiday. Richard tells John that he plans to be the next King, John tells Richard that he is his father's favorite and he will be King. Eleanor arrives and is greeting by Henry.

[King Henry & Alais] [Princes John, Richard, Geoffrey] [Eleanor and Henry]

Eleanor greets her favorite son, Richard. In scene three Richard is summoned by Eleanor who plots to make him the next King. Henry promises the Crown and Alais to Richard.

[Richard & Eleanor] [Richard & Eleanor] [Henry, Eleanor and the Princes]

John, the sixteen year old Prince complains about his position in the family. In the next scene, Geoffrey encourages John to go against Henry and when Phillip of France arrives, the three plot together to make John the next king.

[Princes and Eleanor] [Princes John & Geoffrey] [John, Geoffrey & King Phillip]

Eleanor promises Aquitaine to John if Richard marries Alais. The Princes and King Phillip are summoned and Henry announces the marriage. Richard refuses to marry Alais without retaining the Aquitaine. In the next scene, Richard vows to fight Henry rather than submit.

[Henry & Eleanor] [Henry announces Richard's Marriage to Alais] [Eleanor and Princes]

Geoffrey comes to continue his plot with King Phillip of France, excluding John. Richard arrives also seeking Phillip's help in fighting Henry, but Phillip tries to seduce him into his bed. At the end of Act I, Henry is heart-broken to realize that all three sons have been plotting against him.

[Geoffrey & Phillip] [Richard & Phillip] [Henry, Geoffrey, John & Richard]

Henry and Eleanor discuss their problems with their sons and marriage. Henry wishes to marry Alais, but Eleanor refuses to cooperate in an annulment. After imprisoning his sons, Henry is unable to have them killed and releases them with no decision as to who will be the next King. The play ends with Eleanor returning to prison in Salisbury Castle with the hope of seeing Henry again at Easter.

[Henry & Eleanor] [Henry & Alais] [Henry & Eleanor's farewell]

Many thanks to the numerous people who assist in this production. First to Eileen Rose, Assistant to the Director and Ruth Boyse and Jane Isabel, Stage Managers. Our sets were constructed by Dan Carlin, Gary Baldwin, ?, Crew Chief Bob Coull and Jim Parker.

[Eileen Rose] [Ruth Boyse & Jane Isabel] [Set Construction Crew]

Costume designer Pat Hartgrove outdid herself with the wonderful twelfth century costumes. She was assisted by Jeanne Tulloch, Nance Hagen, Diane Mitchell, Jean Melnyk and Joan Petty. Dressers were Joyce Vath and Virginia Balon.

[Costumes: Pat Hartgrove] [Seamstresses] [Dressers: Joyce Vath & Virginia Balon]

Lighting was handled by ?, Jerry Ward, Andy Bitting and ?. Properties were the responsibility of Jim Parker, Graham Miller, Pat Rutkowski and Betty Parker (not pictured.) Makeup was done by Nancy Kendrick, Dagmar Strohle and Ann Clegg (not pictured.)

[Lighting Crew] [Properties Crew] [Makeup Crew]

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