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In April 2009 we took on first one and then two godsons from Love in Action (Amor en Acción) a center in Chapala for children who have suffered neglect or are at high risk. The Center's Godparent's Program links volunteers with children in order to provide extra support and outside activities.

Our responsibilities for our godsons is to pay for some school costs (only $1500 pesos each,) give them a birthday and a Christmas present and take them out at least once a month. We've been taking them out every two weeks for swim parties, trips to the zoo and amusement park, bike rides and other events. A small price to pay for the fun we are having with these boys and some of their friends as well. We keep adding more pictures (and extra boys) at each of these outings.

However, our relationship with Efrain changed in 2010 when his mother withdrew him and his two brothers from their shelters. While we supported all three brothers for almost a year, by 2011 we had to end that support when they failed to attend school.

In January 2012, we decided to take on Jesus, formerly nick-named "Coco," a bright and curious young man who has joined us several times on outings over the years.

Sadly, all our "love in action" came to an end when the Center was taken over by Christian Evangelicals with whom we could not come to any understanding.

First of all, we were happy to see Coco move on with new godparents. However, since we were still in the middle of getting Dany's teeth straightened, we continued to see Dany as we paid for his appointments with the dentist. As the braces were finally eliminated by the fall of 2013, a new adventure began for Dany and ourselves.

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