January 15, 2012

After Efrain left the Center we decided to take on a new Love in Action godson. We selected Jesus, once nick-named Coco, who has gone on outings with us before, along with Dany and others. He is a most bright, curious and energetic youngster who turned 10 last July. Jesus went with us to Selva Magica, an amusement park in Guadalajara, and to Toblandia water park here in Ajijic.

[Jesus with Dany, Chuy and Brian] [Jesus & Chuy] [Jesus at Toblandia]

Before we heading off for our first official outing with Jesus we took pictures with Dany, our fast growing 12 year old, and the other boys in their dorm.

[Dany & Jesus] [Robin with Dany & Jesus] [Jim with boy's dorm]

Jesus is an affectionate boy, friendly with his room-mates in the boy's dorm. His energy can at times be taxing, but Jesus enjoys life and is always smiling.

[Jesus with Noe] [Jesus] [Jesus with Noe]

After these photos were taken, it was off to "The Adventures of Tin-Tin" at the Cinemas del Lago, then on to hamburgers at Hole in One where they polished off a bucket of golf balls on the driving range. Dany has definitely improved since his first visit to the range. Jesus was not as polished, but soon had the golf balls flying.

[red line graphic]

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