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We began this year with continued of support of Dany, our official Love in Action godson, plus the family of Efrain with his brothers Alejandro and Oscar. We ended up paying not only for schooling but occasionally for rent, food and essentials for the family of six.

For outings, we sometimes took only the three brothers, other times Dany came too, and other times we take a group of boys only from the Center. Sadly, we found that two of the three brothers failed their year at school. Although we re-enrolled them in August 2011 for another year, we soon found they were not attending. We had told them that we were willing to help as long as they wanted to improve themselves by getting an education. When they turned their backs on that, we had to stop all support for the boys and their family. By Fall of 2011 we have only Dany once again as our Love in Action Godson.

December 23, 2011: Dany's Christmas Presents
April 2011: Mezcala (Presidio) Island
February 2011: Jim's Birthday

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