In March Efrain's mother Zully took Efrain along with his older brother Alejandro and younger brother Oscar out of Love in Action and Hope House where they had been housed for over a year. Sadly, she no longer had a place to live or any income and had just given birth to a fourth son, Brian, along with her three year daughter Itzel. We met with the family in April and promised to continue to help all three boys as long as they were enrolled in school. We treated the whole family to lunch at the Beer Garden next to the newly rebuilt Malecon and pier in Chapala.

[The family on the Pier] [Alejandro & Brian] [Itzel, Zully, Brian & Efrain]

However, with much prompting, the boys were not re-registered in school until September. While no longer Love in Action residents, we paid their school costs and began again to take the boys on outings, sometimes on their own, but often with Dany and others from Love in Action. Toscana's for pizza and ice cream were a favorite stop for the three brothers after shopping trips.

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On Christmas Eve Day, we joined the whole family at a Christmas Party at the old original Love in Action Center building, now renovated and opening as a Community Service Center for the Tepehua neighborhood where the boys now live with their whole family. After receiving gifts from Santa at the Tepehua Christmas Party, we gave them each a shopping bag of gifts for everyone in the family.

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Dany and Efrain: Outings 2010

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