January to March 2010

During January we took the boys on a couple of outings to ride their bicycles in Cristiania Park in Chapala, but no new pictures. Late in January we arrived during the week to deliver something to the Center and found Efrain and his afternoon shift school friends dressed and ready to depart in their red uniforms.

[Giovani, Oswaldo, Jesus, Efrain & Brian] [Efrain] [Three boys in uniform]

On February 6th Mooney King had a second Godparent's Party at her home and once again we took along Brian and Oswaldo with Dany and Efrain.

[Swim Party] [Efrain & Dany by the pool] [Dany, Brian, Efrain & Oswaldo]

On February 21st Love in Action had its first grand fund raiser with over 500 tickets sold. We took the opportunity to take pictures of many of the boys in the dorm. Efrain's brothers Oscar and Alejandro were there, along with their baby sister Itzel.

[Jim & Robin with the boys] [Oscar, Sister, Victor, Efrain, Aarón, Giovani & Javier] [Efrain & Dany]

Efrain's mother was present for the gala and we took this picture of the family on the swing. Dany posed with his older brother Alex and two other of our favorites Javier and Giovani wanted their pictures taken as well.

[Efrain's family] [Dany and Alex] [Javier & Giovani]

Then it was back to Toblandia for another swimming party with a group of boys.

[Boys in the Pool] [Efrain holding Giovanni] [Oscar and Efrain]

On this outing we teamed up with two other sets of Godparents, Oscar's and Bryan's. The seven kids splashed in the pool, then headed for the giant water slides.

[Bryan] [Javier] [Water Slide]

The kids all loved the slides, even little Javier, the youngest. Jim enjoyed it as much as the kids, riding down in the double inner tube with Javier.

[Efrain & Dany] [Dany & Oswaldo] [Jim & Giovanni]

We delivered the two bicycles to the Center after receiving agreement to let them have them there. However, we were all sad to leave since we knew that Efrain, and his bicycle, would not be there the next time we returned for an outing. The current Hope House rules want the new boy to be isolated from his family and friends for at least three months. Hopefully, they will relax those rules in the near future.

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