November 2009 Outings

November 11: Metin's Healing Art Workshop

November 21: Scorpion Island Outing

November 11: Metin Healing Art Session

The noted performance artist Metin came down from Los Angeles to do a healing art workshop with the children of Love in Action. Metin does these sessions with sick children and others to promote a joy of art and life. He and all the children dress in white and as he begins, he and the children become the canvases as well. Back in LA, Metin posted his adventures on his own website: Metin in Mexico Since then Metin and the children have appeared in a CNN-I Report and a YouTube Video showing his session at Love at Action Center in Chapala. [Metin and children begin] [Metin begin on canvas] [Metin at work]

Soon the paint is splattered on the kids and artist as well as the canvas on the easel.

[Guest artist helps out] [Painting grows] [Antonio helps out too]

The kids splatter Metin and he splatters them. Here both Antonio and Pedro, kids we've taken out with Dany and Efrain, get into the act

[Antonio & Metin] [Pedro paints] [Pedro & Metin]

Soon Moonie, the philathropist who sponsored the workshop, gets splattered as well. And the kids raise their arms again, now all covered in paint. And Metin completes a rainbow on the backdrop. A joyful ending to a fun time for all, including those of us in the audience.

[Moonie gets splattered] [Painted kids raise arms] [Metin adds a rainbow]

November 21: Scorpion Island Outing

Many launches are moored at the pier in Chapala to take parties out into Lake Chapala to Scorpion Island. Off we went with Dany and Efrian and their friends Aarón and Giovani.

[Efrain, Giovani, Aaron & Dany] [Scorpion Island] [Efrain, Dany, Giovani & Aaron]

The boys were soon playing along the shore trying to catch the tadpole size fish in the water.

[Boys on shore] [Boys fishing] [Aaron, Giovani, Efrain & Dany]

And then it was time for "comida" at one of the four restaurants on the island. The kids all wanted cerviche and french fries.

[Scorpian Island restaurant] [boys at lunch] [Efrain & Aaron]

After another hour of "fishing" we headed back on the launch to Chapala.

[Chapala ahead] [Chapala shore] [Landing at Chapala pier]

The boys then wanted to tour the many outdoor shops along the malecon. Dany and Efrain both wanted wrestler's masks. Aaron got a wrestling DVD and Giovani a game. Then it was back to their dorm to show off their presents.

[Dany & Efrain in masks] [Aaron, Dany, Efrain & Giovana at dorm] [Giovani & Aaron]

[red line graphic]

Our Godsons: Dany and Efrain

Nuestros Ahijados: Dany y Efrain