July 2009 Outings

July 11, 2009: Globo: Interactive Children's Museum

July 31, 2009: Guadalajara Zoo

July 11: Globo Museum

On a mostly cloudy and cooler Saturday, we decided to take the kids on a Museum outing rather than yet another swim party. Efrain and Oscar could not come this time, but Dany selected three other of his friends to come: Pedro, Brian and Chava.

[Brian, Dany, Chava & Pedro at Globo Entrance] [Globo: Museo Interactivo Infantil] [Globo or Balloon at Museum]

The Museum has interactive displays demonstrating different occupations and activities to entertain and educate the kids. The boys first tried out the airplane simulation complete with control tower.

[All Aboard Globo Aerolineas] [Brian & Pedro as pilots] [Chava, Dany & Pedro on board]

Next they all took turns as crane operators trying to set the different shaped blocks into their corresponding hole.

[Dany, Chava & Pedro] [Chava] [Pedro]

Then it was on to the medical display where they all took turns riding the bicycle with the skeleton.

[Pedro] [Dany] [Chava]

They rode a horse, milked a cow and had great fun in the TV studio, both "on camera" and in the control room.

[Pedro, Chava & Brian] [Dany and cow] [Boys in TV Studio]

One of the most popular amusements was the fireman's exhibit. They rang the siren, clanged the bell and slide down the pole.

[Brian driving firetruck] [Pedro slide down pole] [Kids on the firetruck]

After a few more of the logic game boards it was back into the Tahoe and on to Gran Plaza to ride the elevators, escalators and a visit to the Food Court where they picked McDonalds.

[Chava, Pedro & Dany] [Boys at McDonalds] [Chava with his hamburger]

July 31: Guadalajara Zoo

For this trip we asked for just four boys: Dany, Efrain, his brother Oscar and since Chava was not allowed to go, Aarón came along. To help us along with the language and the excited kids, we asked Dany's brother Alex to come with us. The fountain outside the entrance was embossed with many of the zoo animals.

[Aarón, Efrain Alex, Dany and Oscar at Zoo Entrance] [Oscar, Aarón, Dany and Efrain at Entrance Amimal Fountain] [Efrain, Dany, Oscar and Aarón at Exit]

At the foot of the steps to the Zoo was a beautiful Flamigo pool with mermaid fountain designed by famed Guadalajara designer Sergio Bustamante in 1988.

[Flamingos] [Steps to Flamingo Fountain] [Bustamante Mermaid Fountain]

The kids posed with a life-size bronze hippopotomus and then on to the Aquarium where they viewed tropical fish and leaned into a pool to pet small sting ray fish.

[Aarón, Dany, Efrain and Oscar with Hippo] [Aquarium fish] [Petting sting rays]

Next stop was the Australian exhibits with kangaroos. After lunch at one of several restaurants, we visited a Gift Shop where each selected a Zoo gift. We tried to get to the Safari Adventure, but the lines were so long, we opted instead for a ride on the zoo train viewing lions, tigers, girafe, antelope, bison and more, all in their natural habitats.

[Oscar Aarón, Efrain and Dany at Cancuros Exhibit] [Viewing the Kangaroos] [Happy Kids with gifts for each]

After a stop in a playground with swings, bars, slides and rope climbs, it was off to the Herpetario (Reptile House) for the last stop before heading back to Chapala.

[Oscar, Dany and Efrain on the bars] [All four on the ropes] [Oscar, Dany and Efrain on the slide]

On the way out, we asked the kids to pick a monkey pose from the statues behind them. Each imitated their favorite "chongo" or monkey.

[Oscar and Dany on the slide] [Chongo Muchachos] [Oscar, Efrain and Dany on the slide]

[red line graphic]

Our Godsons: Dany and Efrain

Nuestros Ahijados: Dany y Efrain