June 2009 Outings

[Dany] [Efrain & Dany] [Efrain & brother Oscar]

Swim Party at Toblandia: June 6, 2009
Puppet Show and Restaurante Las Caballerizas: June 14, 2009
Atayde Circus in Ajijic: June 28, 2009

June 6: Toblandia Waterpark in Ajijic
As promised, we took our new group of four (Dany, Efrain, his brother Oscar and Chava) to Toblandia where they could play on the many water slides and swim in the various pools.

[Toblandia Logo] [Dany on water slide] [Dany, Efrain, Chava & Oscar]

First, they enjoyed the slides, and posed on the stone figures and lounged in the low level wading pools.

[Dany] [Erain & Oscar] [Chava]

Soon tired of the wading pools, we took them up a level to one of the swimming pools designed for kids. After three hours they had not tired of swimming and we had to drag them out of the water for hamburgers and sodas.

[Efrain & brother Oscar] [Dany Chava & Efrain] [Chava & Dany]

They were sad to leave for home but had a wonderful afternoon together.

June 14: El Tlakuache Puppet Show: Esó es mi Gallo

Ninos Incapacitados held a benefit Puppet Show for children bringing in the Guadalajara based troup for a performance in the Auditorium in La Floresta. And then there were seven... Since many godparents are away for the summer and not wanting to leave kids beyond, this time we took seven youngsters on this outing.

[Tlakuache] [Refrescos before the show] [Javier, Oscar, Chava,Efrain, Aarón & Anthony]

After drinks on the front terrace the kids sat down front to wait for the show. We picked up three extra kids for this event: Anthony, Javier and Aarón in addition to our godsons Dany and Efrain and their friends Oscar and Chava.

[Chava, Oscar, Javier, Aarón, Anthony] [Erain & Dany] [Boys in Auditorium]

The show featured a puppet theater with one live person surrounded by band members, a baby in a basket carried by her "mother", another puppet. Soon the main character entered, a man riding a big rooster. By the end of the show kids from the audience, including some of our own, were on stage dancing.

[Puppet Stage] [Kids on Stage] [Kids on Stage]

After the show we tried to find a good place for pizza but ended up at Restaurante Las Caballerizas, a big new restaurant in the Racquet Club. Besides good food, the kids got to play on a trampoline and a gym set with slide.

[Boys at restaurant] [Boys on slide] [Boys on trampoline]

Chava was the first to spot the horses and he wanted a ride. And off he went with Aarón. Anthony and Dany watched but were soon into the action and all posed with the horse before their own rides.

[Chava y Aarón] [Anthony & Dany] [Boys with horse]

[Efrain y Oscar] [Dany y Anthony] [Chava, Aarón, Dany y Anthony]

After ice cream and a final romp through the playground, we headed back to Love in Action with two tired godfathers.

June 28: Atayle Circus in Ajijic

After a second exhausting day at Toblandia on June 27 with six of the boys this time, we promised to take them to the Circus the next day. When we arrived at Love in Action to pick up our six boys, there were two more crying kids who wanted to go too. So we scooped the two up and all eight piled into the Tahoe with us and we were off to the Circus. And then we were eight...

[Aarón y Noe; Chava & Efrain] [Efrain, Oscar & Leo] [Efrain, Oscar, Leo & Pedro]

Circo Atayde is the oldest circus in Mexico, founded by five brothers in 1888. The Circus is centered in Mexico City where they hold grand shows, but also tour smaller companies throughout the Mexican countryside. In addition they tour in the United States including Las Vegas.

[Circo Atayle] [Circus tents] [Circus tents]

Before the show began, the boys lined up at the fence to view the circus animals in cages beyond. There were llamas, a camel, hippopotamus, and monkeys, a tiger and an elephant that appeared in the show later. Ready to go the boys lined up next to the circus display posters: Aarón, his brother Leo, Noe, Pedro (eyes closed), Efrain, Chava, Dany and Oscar.

[Watching the Circus Animals] [Boys outside] [Boys ready for the show]

Once in the big tent, out came the vendors with hot dogs on a stick, cotton candy, and drinks.

[Boys seated] [Boys seated] [Oscar, Chava & Efrain]

Aarón, who we had taken to the Puppet Show and Toblandia the day before, has a younger brother Leo. Leo was one of the two extra kids who cried to go with us. Both great kids, although Jim and the two look a little solemn in the center photo sold to us by the Circus camera person.

[Aarón] [Jim with Aarón & his brother Leo [Leo]

And finally it was time for the show. Unfortunately, we only got the opening act since photos were difficult. The same young performed on the wire appeared later as a juggler, gymnist and appeared with four others on the trapezes.

[Circus Stage] [Young man juggling on the tight rope] [High wire trapeze artists]

The kids loved the tiger and elephant performances and the high wire show with black lights and flurescent costumes. A spectaclur finale to the circus. A great fun afternoon for all eight kids, but next time we promised our actual godsons, Dany and Efrain, that next time we would go on an outing just with them.

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Our Godsons: Dany and Efrain

Nuestros Ahijados: Dany y Efrain