June 16-18, 2015

After our four nights in Havana we traveled by taxi through the Cuban countryside to the small city of Santa Clara which has many sites which commemorate the Cuban Revolution and the life of Che Guevera.

We stayed at an ecological resort on the outskirts of the city, Villa La Granita . The many rooms were built in a restful ecological park with horses, goats and cickens and a green jungal setting.

[La Granita Hotel] [Jim at hotel room] [Dancers at pool]

We taxied into town where Jim climbed many steps up to a monument with beautiful views of the city.

[Stairs to viewsite] [City View] [Monument]

Santa Clara has many sites which commemorate Che. The first we visited was a statue of Che holding a child. Our guide pointed out the many symbolic features of the monument. Next was a museum describing how Che's forces outwited the government soldiers blockading their train both in front and behind. After this decisive win, the dictaor Baptista fled the country.

[Che statue] [Railway Museum] [Railway Museum]

The most impressive was the huge plaza in front of the moseleum where Che and a number of his revolutionary compatriats are buried.

[Jim with Che <moseleum statue] [Mural] [Robin at Che Moseleum statue]

The city of Santa Clara seemed relatively prosperous with a central plaza full of many fine historic buildings including banks, schools, a theater and a beatuifully landscaped park.

[Centro Santa Clara] [Bank] [Green Home]

[Bank] [Park] [Theater]

When looking for a place to get a quick meal, a woman overhead my question in a bar and led us to her home, a typical paladar where families operate a restaurant in their home. We waited at a comfortable table on the terrace and were served a delicious home-cooked meal.

[Paladar Casa Cuba [Paladar home] [Paladar terrace dining room]

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