June 12-15, 2015

We had excellent meals while in Havana. The first night, Friday, we went to Restaurant Noe. We became good friends with Yoni our waiter and traded information about the Cuban film "Strawberry and Chocolate."

[Jim & Robin with Yoni] [Restaurant Noe] [Jim & Robin with Yoni]

Saturday night we took in the famed Buena Vista Social Club for their dinner and show. Good food and great music from this Cuban institution and subject of a recent documentary film.

[Buena Vista Cast] [Buena Vista Club oldtimer] [Buena Vista]

And on Sunday, Humberto in the '29 Ford drove us to the popular Paradar La Guarida where the 93 film "Srawberry and Chocolate" was filmed. The first two floors of the 1909 mansion remain in ruins, but the third floor where the movie was filmed has been turned into the restaurant. Of course we had to sample their Strawberry Chocolate dessert.

[Fresa and Chocolate] [Delivered by '29 Ford Taxi [Ruined Mansion Staircase] [Second Floor Ballroom]

[Third Floor Restaurant] [Third Floor Restaurant] [Strawberry and Chocolate dessert]

On Sunday our final night we dined at another excellent restaurant, the Paladar Dona Eutimia. The Paladars our "in home" restaurants where the residents are allowed to retain their home when they set up a restaurant open to the public. We had an excellent table on the front terrace where we could watch the alley with two other paladars being set up. Neither one was busy. Another wonderful meal!

[Entrance to Dona Eutimia] [Jim & Robin on terrace] [Dona Eutimia Kitchen]

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