Ruby, who turned 18 last month, arrived at the Center eight years ago along with her two sisters after their young father died and their mother was unable to care for them any longer. Because of the family difficulties, Ruby did not attend school and was far behind in her education when she came to the Center. She has since worked hard to catch up and this year is attending the first year of high school at Preparatoria Chapala Regional.

Anabel Frutos, Center Founder, reports that Ruby is a big help at the Center and is very mature and responsible for her age. Dina, the former Administrator, trained her in many of the office functions and she earns a small stipend for working there through the week. Ruby has also been trained to help out at the Center’s Bazaar and assists with the younger children. She is eager to succeed and told Dina she wanted to have her job one day. 

“She is a great girl with a good heart,” commented Antonio, the gate house attendant at the Center. “She works hard at the Center and once helped an older ill staff woman to bathe and assisted her to walk when her medications made her unstable.”

Ruby is highly motivated to complete her high school education as well as learn valuable career skills at the Center. Although she has reached the age of 18, she knows the Center will not send her out into the world unprepared as she works hard to become self supportive. However, Ruby needs to have a “hands on” godparent to assist her at this stage of her life and help support her through high school. If you would like to assist Ruby or learn more about the Godparents Program, contact Randy or Doug at

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