Nine year old Bryan is yet another success story at Love in Action. After having to repeat the first grade, he struggled with school work. Two years ago, Joyce Lawrence, a volunteer tutor at the Center, took on this shy youngster. Joyce taught Bryan basic skills of reading, writing and spelling. He didn't even know the alphabet and could not identify the simplest phonetic combinations.

They worked over the school year with some setbacks when he would pout and want to go and sit with the kids doing computer games. In spite of these occasional lapses, Bryan persisted until at the end of the school year he realized that he could read and spell quite well. From that point on she saw a "quantum leap" in his development and his attitude towards school work. He likes to read to the kids Joyce is now tutoring. He has gained self confidence and takes pride in his work. Joyce is very proud of his success over the past year and sees no reason why it won’t continue.

Recently, Bryan was assigned new godparents who also show an interest in improving his scholastic abilities. Over the summer they arranged for English lessons for him and now he is assisting them with their Spanish. On outings, his godparents have noticed that Bryan keeps an eye out for the other boys ensuring that they behave. He loves music and takes control of the radio in the car. When he hits a song known by the others, they all sing along. His godparents have noticed that he has developed a much more positive attitude and now works hard to stay out of trouble at the Center so he can go on these outings.

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