MAY 2011

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The Center is home to 60 lucky children from 18 months to 18 years. Children are placed by government agencies, or are dropped off by parents unable to care for them. There are many sad stories of how some arrived.

Cynthia was born with a club foot and after being left by her struggling mother, she has now undergone three surgeries. Thanks again to the Shrine Club she is now able to walk without crutches and with the help of orthopedic shoes paid for by her godparents.

Two little brothers were found alone in a cave near Chapala. Rescued by an English-speaking woman, they didn’t learn to speak Spanish until arriving at the Center. With no birth records it has been a long struggle, finally won, to get Noah enrolled in school.

Maria arrived at age 2 with burns and bruises and suffering from malnutrition. She would let only one staff person touch her and did not speak. Two months later, at the Christmas Posada, she spoke for the first time when Santa was handing out presents.

Juan came to the Center with cigarette burns and was not toilet-trained. He relieved himself on the grounds until he learned to use the bathroom. Like many of these abused kids, he did not smile or trust adults for many months.

Juanita arrived with badly burned hands, her fingers fused to her palms. A family member had done this for her “disobedience.” With the help of the Shrine Club she received operations to loosen her fingers and has regained use of her hands.

With the love of caring adults, these children’s lives have been changed. Next month, we will feature moving success stories of other children at the Center whose lives also have been changed significantly.

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