by Donna Esposito-Vernet


  What’s it take to make it in this world? Is it an inherent strength? That’s the question one might ask about Jocelyn, a young woman who has lived at the Love In Action Center (LIA) for the past 8 years. Now, at age 17, Jocelyn has overcome many obstacles to rise to the top of her class. She also the type of person who gives back, volunteering at the LIA Bazaar each week and in the nursery, taking care of the littlest resident at the shelter. Jocelyn is a wonderful example of someone who has flourished at LIA since being given a chance.

  Jocelyn was nine years old and had never gone to school. Without a birth certificate, that’s the life she led until she arrived at Love In Action (LIA). She wanted to go to school so badly that she cried! Through the generous support of her “Godparents”, Jocelyn is now attending Loyola Institute, a private school here at Lake Chapala. Now she’s completed 9th grade with an “A” average. She’s been studying English and is considering a career as a nurse. It’s been a long road but Jocelyn can look forward to a better future.  

Doug and Diane Schrimgeour were two of the first people to become personally involved with a child at LIA. Jocelyn began introducing the Canadian couple as her “Godparents” and the now well-developed program was born. Doug began to recruit others for the program and there are now 26 sponsored children.  

But there are still about 10 children at the home in need of sponsors. Sponsors support the child financially, primarily for educational expenses, but may also visit and develop relationships with children in need.  

If you would like to learn more about the Love In Action Center, visit our website at Guests are welcome to visit the Center in Chapala at Pedro Moreno #76. To learn more about all the Center’s volunteer opportunities, contact Dave at To schedule a visit call Dina Oropeza between 10 and 2 Monday through Friday at 765-7409 or

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