APRIL 2011

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Children at the Center regularly are taken on outings by their godparents. Usually it is for swimming or a movie. However, a group of boys recently took an educational tour out to Presidio Island in Lake Chapala. With the help of Google, their godparents were able to put together a two page history of the Island for them to review before their outing. A shortened capsule of the history follows.

Mezcala Island, also known as El Presidio, is located near the town of Mezcala, a few miles east of Chapala. From 1812 to 1816, a small band of local Mexican rebels held off the Spanish army and navy against overwhelming odds. Padre Marcos Castellanos, a local hero, negotiated a peaceful surrender between the Spanish and the insurgents. The island then became a prison for many years.

Rumors have it that indigenous structures and hieroglyphics existed on the island before the fortifications were built, but if so, all traces have disappeared. While government officials began a restoration of the Island facilities in 2006, it has not been completed. Yet there is plenty to see.

The young boys enjoyed their tour beginning with a boat launch trip over from Mezcala. They explored the island paths leading up to the summit, climbed atop the old fortifications and toured the old church and huge square prison with its open courtyard where they darted in and out of rooms used by the soldiers and finally climbed the staircase to the roof with its great views of the Presidio, the Island and the Lake. Their tour was both fun and educational for the boys to learn a little of the history of Lake Chapala and the Mexican Revolution.

For a more complete tour with pictures check out Presidio Island Tour.

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