[Shriner and Rotary Presidents with Ceci]

In addition to medical care through weekly visits to the Center Clinic by volunteer Dr. Luis Barbosa, Love in Action children have received hospital treatments provided through two local community service clubs. Ceci was born with a genetic orthopedic problem involving her hips and legs making it difficult for her to walk normally.  Although she is now 18, she will stay under the wing of Love in Action for as long as required, since she has the mental age of an eight year old child due to abuse within her family. Through assistance provided by the Lake Chapala Shrine Club in August, Ceci underwent a critical operation on both her legs performed “pro bono” by Orthopedic Surgeon Dr. Jorge Gonzalez at the Clinica del Pilar in Guadalajara to ensure she will be able to walk more normally as a mature adult.

In the past, the Lake Chapala Shrine Club had to send all orthopedic and burn cases to the Shriner’s Hospital in Mexico City for free treatment. Many children at Love in Action, however, do not have the papers needed to travel to Mexico City. Also, travel there is often difficult for many Lakeside families since one or both parents must accompany the children, thus leaving other members of their family as well as their daily jobs while their sick children are treated and convalesce.

The Shriners voted two years ago to change their procedures to provide free local treatment for lakeside Children when cost effective or travel to Mexico City is impracticable. Others from the Center that have had treatment paid for by the Lake Chapala Shrine Club in Guadalajara Hospitals include Alex, who had his club toes straightened, Cynthia who had an ankle repaired, and Rosa who had suffered from severe burns on her hands.

When Ceci recently returned from the Hospital, she required a wheelchair until her legs heal and she can walk unaided. The Rotary Club of Ajijic recently received five wheel chairs with the help of Enrique Jaramillo an Assistant to Jalisco Governor Luis Navarro Ochoa. Rotary Ajijic donated them in turn to the Lake Chapala Shrine Club who saw to it that a wheel chair was available to Ceci at the Center. Love in Action extends its thanks to all who contributed to Ceci’s treatment and recovery: the Shriners, Dr. Gonzalez, the Jalisco Governor’s office, and the Ajijic Rotary Club.

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