JULY 2010

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Young Pedro growing up in the Tepehua neighborhood on the hillside above Chapala was an exceptionally bright young man. Sadly, in this barrio environment he became addicted to heroine. Love in Action began its work there in 2002 and founder Anabel Frutos realized Pedro’s potential and got him into a rehabilitation center in Guadalajara. Now, Pedro is the director of another rehab center to help other addicted people get their lives back.

When Love in Action moved to its larger Children’s Center in 2009, it left behind many like Pedro who had come to rely on their assistance. Neighbors learned how to improve their lives through education and counseling. Classes were held in sewing, crafts, electricity and plumbing for men, nutrition and child care. Both child and elder care were offered along with a meal program, monthly birthday and holiday fiestas and family counseling. Without the Center, the Tepehua community has had few such resources and the abandoned building has begun to deteriorate and be vandalized.

Anabel and Board members at Love in Action are now working on funding for the Tepehua Project which seeks to rehabilitate the original building and restore a series of programs. Funding proposals are in the works to obtain both private and service club funding to make the necessary upgrades in the building to develop the Love In Action Tepehua Community Service Center.

The Center will have three overall goals: first, to provide community service programs; secondly, to develop hostel space for visiting community service teams and thereby creating some income; and ultimately to provide dormitory space for teenage boys when they outgrow the Love in Action Center within the next two to three years. These proposals are requesting approximately $80,000 USD to repair the existing structure, improve the electrical, water and garden systems with a stress on ecological methods which can be a model for the community.

The first goal, to offer daytime programs again at Tepehua, could begin by the end of this summer. The building’s outstanding electrical bill will be paid this month and a security guard hired to live at the Center to reduce vandalism. Once the building is cleaned up, daytime community service programs could begin by September. Thus, the Love in Action could once again be a positive focus for the community and gain its renewed support.

Donations have already been coming in to make a start. Once the building is ready for daytime programs, the Center will also need donations of furniture such as tables, chairs and a new refrigerator and kitchen items. For information on the Tepehua Project or donations of funds or furniture, contact Moonie King at 763-5126 or

If you would like to learn more about the Love In Action Center, visit our website at Guests are welcome to visit the Center in Chapala at Pedro Moreno #76. To learn more about all the Center’s volunteer opportunities, contact Dave at To schedule a visit call the office between 10 and 2 Monday through Friday at 765-7409.

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