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The Love In Action Children’s Center in Chapala is home to over 62 children ranging from 18 months to 18 years. Children are placed with Love In Action by the DIF (Mexican Family Services), the municipality of Chapala, and parents who are no longer able to care for them. Sadly, some of the children come from abusive homes. Two little brothers were actually found abandoned in a cave. All these children desperately need our support.

In the USA and Canada when a government agency places a child in a shelter, the child comes with financial support for their care. In Mexico the agencies have little funding. Thus, when a child is placed at the Center, they are not given financial assistance. The shelter must raise funds for the child's expenses.

When a child is placed with Love In Action they come only with “the clothes on their back.” Yet, they all have the same physical and emotional needs. Thus, they are welcomed into the Love In Action family with love. They live in several different “homes” at the Center’s campus, divided according to age and gender. Each has a house mother who acts as parent for the children.

Unfortunately, the Center operates on a small budget, relying primarily on the generosity of the local community. While there is a small paid staff, most staff works for room and board or no pay at all. House mothers work seven days a week caring for their children: cleaning, doing laundry, preparing breakfast and suppers, and more.

Donations of time, talent or money are always welcome. Last month the Center found itself with less than $1000 pesos in the bank! Love in Action has a number of programs in place through which donors may assist. Volunteers spend time at the Center to assist with building needs, providing meals, teaching English and computer skills, staffing the library or assisting with the youngest children. Some provide support for organizational task serving on committees or preparing communications. Others provide direct financial support as donors or as sponsors of children. The Godparents program pairs a child with a couple who provide financial support for education needs.

A recently organized Fund Raising Committee is now planning two major fund raisers per year to raise much needed regular support for the Center. Their first event will be a Garden Party is scheduled for February 21st from 2 to 4 at the Center. Tickets are available through LCS Tickets, Diane Pearl Collection at Colon and Ocampo or Bonnie Newman at 766-0963 or

Support also comes from private individuals and businesses in the area. A few local businesses have provided food and other goods. And local doctors have provided services for sick children.

The new Love in Action Bazaar, to provide additional financial support, has now opened at the Center to sell used clothing and household items. The Ajijic Rotary Club and the Catalina Rotary Club of Tucson Arizona provided the funds, along with local and international volunteers providing the labor and donated items to get the Bazaar underway.

More volunteers are desperately needed at the Center to assist with Bazaar sales, infant care, meals, teaching basic skills, health care and administrative tasks. If you can spare f a few hours a week, contact Dave at

If you would like to learn more about the Love In Action Center, visit our website at Guests are welcome to visit the Center in Chapala at Pedro Moreno #76. To schedule a visit call the office between 10 and 2 Monday through Friday at 765-7409.

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