[Dr Luis and Nurse Judy with Juanita & bunny]

Young Juanita arrived at the Love in Action Center three years ago with badly burned hands with her fingers fused to her palms. A family member had inflicted these burns when they felt she was disobedient. Juanita was unable to use her hands and needed a series of operations to loosen her fingers. Through the assistance of the local Shrine Club and a local physician, she has since regained use of her hands. Today she is in good health and here shows up at the Center Clinic to show the staff her new baby bunny.

Children at Love in Action receive a variety of care from the Center’s Clinic to local doctors and children’s health care organizations. Each Tuesday Dr. Louis Barbosa and Nurse Judy Jacobs visit the Clinic to tend to the usual array of children’s health problems. Dr. Barbosa was born in Mexico and trained in Chicago where he practiced for many years as a Board Certified Family Care Physician.

The majority of the weekly medical treatments at the Center’s Clinic involves routine colds, flu and stomach problems. “The kids here need attention and sometimes a little medicine,” explained Dr. Barbosa. While being interviewed he was examining a young boy and dispensed an anti-biotic and cough medicine. More serious problems recently have involved three cases of Hepatitis A. Currently, all have been treated successfully and none are infectious,

“Education is important at the Center to keep food and water from being contaminated,” commented Dr. Barbosa. “While purified water is available, staff and children are continually advised to keep containers and surfaces clean when drawing water or preparing meals.”

More serious medical cases have been referred to local specialists and organizations like the Shrine Club, Programa Pro Niños Incapacitados and the School for the Deaf. Among those who have donated medical services include Dr. Antonio Pinto, Ophthalmologist; Dr. Manuel Jiménez del Toro, Plastic Surgeon for burns and cosmetic surgery; Dr. Jorge Alvaro González Urzúa, Orthopedic specialist for straightening limbs; Dr Angelica Quintero de Garcia, Pediatrician; Citlali Bravo Ibarra, Speech Therapist; and Drs. Alberto Don Olivera and Martha Cerda Raygoza, Dentists. Many thanks to all the physicians, health care staff and organizations who have contributed to the medical care of our children at the Center.

Everyday medical supplies for children at the Clinic are always running short. Donation of funds for anti-biotic drugs, cold medicines, cleansing solutions, bandages, aspirin and other supplies are always welcome. For information on donations that can be tagged for specific purposes on the website listed below.

If you would like to learn more about the Love In Action Center, visit our website at Guests are welcome to visit the Center in Chapala at Pedro Moreno #76. To learn more about all the Center’s volunteer opportunities, contact Dave at To schedule a visit call the office between 10 and 2 Monday through Friday at 765-7409.

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