November 1998 to April 1999

Our architects provided us with detailed computer drawings of the two level home, Planta Baja (lower level) and Planta Alta (uppper level). We had asked for two master suites, one downstairs and one upstairs along with a library study.

[Planta Baja: Lower Floor] [Planta Alta: Upper Floor]

The left picture of the front walls and house taken from the west was easy to take without houses to our west or across the street. Mid way through the construction, Robin's brother Dave and his wife Elizabeth arrived to check it all out.

[House from west] [House from across the street] [Dave and Elizabeth visit]

Before the windows were in the entire house seemed wide open. The left view is from the living room to the terrace and front yard. Jim shows another guest the emerging front fountain/pool. And the rear of the house shows the open rear hallways and staircase.

[Living room, terrace and front yard] [Jim and front pool] [Rear of house]

Compared to many horror stories we've heard about construction in Mexico, ours was a relatively simple process.

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