January 30, 2014

Last January, we were having dinner with friends Cece and Fred the night before Cece's bridal shower for her impending wedding to Fred. Jim told them of a bridal shower he'd seen on Paula Dean's cooking show when she married her longtime partner. Paula's two grown sons "crashed" her shower in full drag. Cece then begged Jim and I to do the same for her shower.

The next day we rushed down to Mia's Consignment shop and picked up the required costumes. Jim added a wig from hairdresser Joly. When we arrived at the shower at Jan's beautiful home, Cece introduced us as her "Canadian bride's maids, Grace (Jim)and Pearl (Robin.)" At first most of the guests did not recognize us at all. But soon they all joined in the fun.

[Jim with Cece and Fred] [Jim, Cece and Robin] [Jim and Robin as Grace and Pearl]

Once we were introduced, we planned to stay just a few minutes and then beat a hasty retreat. However, the shower guests, most of whom we knew peronally, insisted that Grace and Pearl should stay for the whole event.

[Jim Cece & Robin] [Jim Cece & Robin] [Cece gets her Bow]

We managed to stick it out through the delightful luncheon, Cece getting her bow, her opening her gifts and the final group photo. Jim was so late he had to wear Grace's drag to the Naked Stage Board Meeeting. Altogether a fun first for us both and a delightful day.

[Cece at luncheon table] [Cece opening gifts] [Cece with all her guests]

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