November 21-28, 2012

Since we returned early from Argentina and our house sitter was contracted for another two weeks, we decided to do take a long overdue trip to San Miguel de Allende in cental Mexico. This was our first choice for retirement, but after seeing Lakeside, we settled here in Ajijic.

Our hotel and room, Quinta Lorento, was modest, but large and centally located.

[Hotel Quinta Loreta] [Room on second floor] [Our room at Quinta Loreta]

[Restaurant at Quinta Loreta] [Hallways at Quinta Loreta] [Quinta Loreta Gardens]

Quinta Loreto was located next to a large Artisan Market where Jim purchased a metal Christmas tree.

[Artisan Mall] [Artisan Mall] [Father and son musicians]

After our long drive, we headed to the central plaza with the Jardin and the Parroquia, the wonderful old church that can be seen throughout the town.

[Parroquia] [Parroquia] [Parroquia from Aldama Street]

Not far from the Jardin on Canal Street is the Pueblo Viejo restaurant and rooftop bar. The bar with its great views of the city is a popular hangout for expats and tourists. We met and talked with a group there over a drink.

[Pueblo Viejo on Canal] [View from rooftop Bar] [Rooftop bar friends]

Another day we walked to Juarez Park and just beyond it found the new Rosewood Hotel with its impressive entrance. As guests of friend John who was staying at the hotel, we travelled up to the rooftop for some great views of the town.

[Rosewood Hotel] [Rosewood] [Rosewood Entrance]

[Rooftop View] [Rooftop View] [Terrace Dining]

John invited us to see the suite where he was staying and we had another opportunity for more photos. On the way out we toured the huge pool, sun decks and gardens.

[Robin & John] [Jim & John] [Rosewood Pool]

On the way back to our hotel, we ran into an indigenous group parading through the streets.

[Indigenous group parade] [Indigenous group parade] [Indigenous group parade]

The 18th and 19th century architecture seen in many buildings has been lovingly maintained and is a draw to the historic center of San Miguel.

[San Miguel architecture] [San Miguel architecture] [San Miguel architecture]

Many churches throughout the town are also kept up and their bells ring out throughout the day.

[Parroquia] [Parroquia interior] [Parroquia interior]

[San Miguel Church] [San Miguel Church] [San Miguel Church] [San Miguel Church]

Jim took Robin to Harry's Bar for his 71st birthday.

[Harry's Bar] [Robin's Birthday Cake] [Jim and Robin]

We also ate at the Restaurant at our Hotel, including a fun Thanksgiving Dinner. And we tried Milagras, a restaurant recommended by the desk clerk and a favorite of many Mexicans.

[Jim & Robin at Hotel Loreto] [Robin and Jim with waiter] [Milagros Restaurant]

Another top restaurant was El Pegaso. And we picked up chocolates in this elegant shop, Jon Frej.

[El Pegaso] [El Pegaso] [Jon Fej Chocolates]

Twice we had breakfast at Pegasus close to Correo (on the left in the photo). We also discovered an excellent small restaurant, Muro, on the street close to our hotel. Had another wonderful breakfast there.

[Pegaso Restaurant] [Muro Restaurant] [Muro Restaurant]

Many of the art galleries and design shops have now moved from the center of San Miguel to an old cotton weaving mill called Aurora. Some of the top artists and designers have galleries and shops here. We had a late breakfast of delicious Eggs Benedict at one of the two cafes in the complex.

[Aurora] [Robin at Aurora] [Eggs Benedict, Mexican style]

After six weeks in Argentina and a week in San Miguel, we were ready to get home to Ajijic and our dogs, home and gardens.

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