One of our favorite day trips out of the city is to take the train about an hour up river to the town of Tigre on the delta islands of the Rio de la Plata. This year we were joined by new friend Altair, his first time to this area although he has lived in Buenos Aires for over twenty years. We took a launch up river to Restaurante Gato Blanco for lunch.

[Altair & Robin at boat docks] [Restaurante Gato Blanco] [Robin, Altair & Jim]

[Robin & Altair dockside] [Robin, Altair & Jim] [Altair & Jim]

After lunch we toured the gardens along the canal behind the restaurant. And then we caught the launch and the train back to the city. A delightful and happy day in a quiet relaxing setting far from bustling Buenos Aires.

[Altair & Jim] [Robin & Jim] [Altair & Robin]

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