We had not been back to Santiago since our first trip to South America in 2004. We found the same hotel but were surprised to find it surrounded by high rises including the tallest building in South America, 50 stories tall.

[Bosque Tobalaba Hotel] [Bosque Tobalaba Hotel] [View from Bosque Tobalaba Hotel]

The rooms were comfortable with breakfast delivered and Liguara, an excellent restaurant, on the ground floor.

[Liguara Restaurant] [Liguara Restaurant] [Liguara Restaurant]

We visited the new Centro Cultural Palacio de la Modeda beneath the Plaza at this Government Building. The displays were aimed at kids games over the years.

[Cultural Center] [Cultural Center] [Cultural Center]

The Moneda, once a Mint Building, is now the center of many government offices.

[Moneda] [Moneda] [Moneda]

On the opposite side of the Modeda is another plaza where a group of young people had just finished a musical concert.

[Youth Orchesta] [Youth Orchestra] [Government Offices]

On the Plaza de Armes is situated a statue to celebrate the life of Chile's indigenous peoples as well as the Santiago Cathedral.

[Indigenous Statue] [Cathedral] [Cathedral]

One of the old city's most famous "must-see" sites is the old Central Market which combines retail sales with marvelous seafood restaurants.

[Central Market] [Central Market] [Central Market]

[Robin at Augusto's in Central Market] [Statue at Central Market] [Jim at Augusto's in Central Market]

While in Santiago, we visited two new Museums. First, the Gabriela Mistral Cultural Center, built in what was once the War Offices.

[Mistral Cultural Center] [Mistral Cultural Center] [Mistral Cultural Center]

[Mistral Cultural Center] [Mistral Cultural Center] [Mistral Cultural Center]

The second new Museum was the Museo Moda dedicated to design and fashion. The show on at the time was "Remembering the Eighties." The items on display included interior design, the car from Back to the Future and many clothes by top designers worn by Princess Diana, Madonna and many others.

[Musťo Moda] [Musťo Moda] [Musťo Moda]

[Musťo Moda] [Musťo Moda] [Musťo Moda]

[Musťo Moda] [Musťo Moda] [Musťo Moda]

One day we took a full day trip south and west of Santiago. Our first stop was the Undurraga Winery where we had a tour of the vineyard and storage cellars.

[Undurraga Winery] [Undurraga Winery] [Undurraga Winery]

[Undurraga Winery ] [Wine-tasting at Undurraga Winery] [Jim & Robin at Undurraga Winery]

Then it was on to lunch at Los Naranjos Restaurant for a taste of rural Chilean food.

[Los Naranjos] [Los Naranjos] [Los Naranjos]

After lunch we headed west to the Pacific Ocean and to the small village of Isla Negra where Pablo Neruda had his home and was buried on the seafront. Besides spectacular ocean views the home now houses a museum containing Neruda's eclectic collection of mastheads and other sea related objects.

[Musťo Pablo Neruda] [Jim & Robin at Musťo Pablo Neruda] [Musťo Pablo Neruda]

[Musťo Pablo Neruda] [Musťo Pablo Neruda] [Musťo Pablo Neruda]

[Musťo Pablo Neruda] [Musťo Pablo Neruda] [Musťo Pablo Neruda]

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