Over the years we have built up a number of friends in Buenos Aires. Some are Americans who come down during November as we do. Others are "Portenos," natives from Buenos Aires. Also every year we meet friends from Ajijic who are vacationing in the city. Each year Fritz and Richard come from San Francisco and treat us to a wonderful Thanksgiving Dinner. They also often have visitors from the States.

[Robin with Fritz, Richard & friends] [Richard and friends] [Fritz & Jim]

Another couple we met just last year: Peter and George who come from New York. Over the past year we learned that Peter is a cousin of an old friend of ours back in Bucks County. Last year they had told us about the amazing Las Violetas Restaurant so the four of us made the trek out for lunch one day.

[Las Violetas] [Las Violetas stained glass] [Jim & Robin with George and Peter]

Among our Buenos Aires friends are Mariana and Juan and their friend Lynn visiting from San Miquel de Allende in Mexico. Lynn has just finished re-modeling her new condo in an old building in an art deco style. Marvelous!

[Mariana & Lynn] [Juan, Robin & Altair] [Robin, Mariana, Jim & Lynn]

[Lyn's Foyer] [Lynn in Living Room] [Dining Room]

Next came the Ajijic couples. First Eileen and David, then Pat and Frank traveling with their friend Irene.

[Eileen, Robin & David] [Robin, Pat, Jim, Frank & Irene] [Pat, Jim & Frank]

Robin celebrated his 70th birthday at one of our favorite restaurants, Chiquilin, with Jim and Altair. Sadly, the picture with our favorite waiter, Alberto, did not turn out. He is back at work fulltime now after recuperating from a bad traffic accident.

[Robin, Jim and Altair] [Jim & Altair] [Altair & Robin]

We made our last trip to the elegant Galerias Pacifico Mall on Florida Street to take our annual Christmas card pictures by their colorful tree in the central courtyard. This year we opted for a picture in the Mall, but without the tree.

[Galerias Pacifico Entrance] [Galerias Pacifico Lobby] [Jim & Robin at Christmas Tree]

[Jim at Tree in Galerias Pacifico] [Xmas Photo: Jim & Robin at the Mall] [Robin at Tree in Galerias Pacifico]

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