October 28 - December 1, 2011

Buenos Aires as always is a fabulous city full of color and sounds. And Evita always seems to pervade the culture and even the architecture.

[Obelesk on 9th of Julio] [Tango at Obelesk] [Evita on restored building]

This year we took the same two bedroom apartment as last year on Riobamba just a few doors off Sante Fe and Callao, handy for shopping and restaurants.

[Living Room towards bedrooms] [Kitchen] [Living Room towards balcony]

We made our usual round of tourist sites: down to Puerto Madero a restored dock area now site of high rise condos and great restaurants.

[Puerto Madero high rises from Casa Rosada] [High rise Condos] [Jim at Puerto Madero]

We made yet another trip out to the Rose Gardens in Palermo to see this year's beauties.

[Rose Garden] [Rose Garden] [Rose Garden]

[Rose Garden] [Rose Garden] [Rose Garden]

We visited the Japanese Gardens twice this year having lunch in their restaurant.

[Japanese Gardens] [Japanese Gardens] [Japanese Gardens]

[Japanese Gardens] [Japanese Gardens] [Robin & Jim at Japanese Gardens]

Theater is always active in Buenos Aires and this year was no exception. First, we attended a performance of Manon in the recently restored Teatro Colon, one of the five best opera houses in the world.

[Teatro Colon Foyer] [Tearo Colon Entrance] [Manon Program]

Another night we went to see Freddie a musical based on the life and death of Freddy Mercury, lead singer for the English group Queen. Besides hearing the actual recordings, in English, of his songs, the amazing dancer Hernan Piquin portrayed Freddie in dance with the music.

[Freddie Banner] [Freddie Program] [Robin with Freddie]

While the building is no longer an opera house, the Ateneo is now a bookstore while retaining much of the original theater design. The theater/bookstore was less than a block from our apartment and a good place to stop for lunch at its café on the stage.

[Ateneo Bookstore] [Ateneo Bookstore] [Ateneo Bookstore]

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