The Boca area of Buenos Aires was once the main dock area for the city. Today it is primarily a tourist area where the old houses built of shipping crates are painted colorfully. On a weekend it is full of people selling and buying art and tourist souvenirs. Once again we toured with our friend Altair

[Boca] [Boca] [Robin & Jim at artist's monument]

[Colorful Boca Houses] [Robin & Jim] [Street Art]

[Altair] [Street Art] [Altair & Jim]

[Altair & Jim] [Robin & Altair] [Robin & Jim]

Then it was time for lunch again, and we picked Restaurant de Caminito with tango dancers performing. The two couples and older tango singer were wonderful entertainment during our meal.

[Restarant Sign] [Tango Dancers] [Robin & Altair]

[Tango Dancers] [Tango Singer & Dancers] [Tango Dancers]

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