June 14, 2010

As our guests signed into the Wedding Guest Book, or photographer took pictures of each group arriving.

[Brother Ralph & Myrt] [Sign In Table] [Catharine & John]
Robin's brother Ralph and wife Myrt; and Ajijic visitors Catherine and John.

[Cousin Viki] [Jim & Kathy] [Bernice]
Robin's cousin Viki; Kathy and Jim; and Ajijic friend Bernice.

[Mike & Mae] [David & Karen] [Norma & Merelyn]
Ajijic friends Mike and Mae (who sang serveral songs during the ceremony); and Ajijic friends David and Karen, and Norma and Merelyn.

[Ralph, Myrt and son Brent] [Nephew Peter's family] [Michael and niece Lynda]
Ralph and Myrt with their son Brent; Robin's nephew Peter with friend Kathy, son Jake and daughter Cassie with her friend Michael;
and Peter's sister Lynda and her Michael.

[Derek & Merelyn] [Jim & Lynn] [John & Valerie and David & Claire]
Toronto hosts Derek and Merelyn; old time Philadelphia friends Jim and Lynn;
and cottage hosts and new home owners in Ajijic, John and Valerie and David and Claire.

[John & Catherine] [Tom & Marilyn] [Rick and Gayle]
Catherine and John whose ceremony in Ajijic inspired our own; Robin's cousin Tom and wife Marilyn; and Ajijic friends Rick and Gayle.

[Betty & Diane] [Don & Helen] [Hal and Tom]
Betty and Diane, Robin's old school mates from now closed Laura Secord Public School in Queenston; Don and Helen, old Niagara and Burlington friends;
and Hal and Tom, the couple that introduced us August 4, 1973.

[Bud, Allison & Avril] [Ceci] [Janet, Daryl and Brian]
Bud and Allison with Avril; Ajijic friend Ceci; and Janet, Robin's former colleague at York Mills Collegiate, and Niagara friends Daryl and Brian.

[Tom & Lorna] [Betty, George & Helen] [Bob & Avril]
More Ajijic friends, Tom and Lorna; Toronto friends and Ajijic visitors Betty and George with Helen; and recent Ajijic visitors Bob and Avril.

[Allan & Norine] [Peter] [Claudette]
Longtime Ajijic residents Allan and Norine Rose; Peter, former rector of St. Marks Anglican Church; and Ajijic friend Claudette.

[Steve & Tom] [Tom signing] [Estella & Mary]
Steve and Tom, longtime Hagerstown Maryland friends; and Estella and Mary who were married June 9 in Toronto.

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