September 8-11, 2009

Next stop was Lyon France, just a two mile train ride. We arrived at our hotel on Plaza Celestin right beside the Celestin Theater. The grand Basilica de Notre Dame de Fourviere dominated the view from the old city.

[Hotel Theatre] [Theatre Celestin from Hotel] [Basilica Notre Dame]

The view of Lyon from the Basilica was magnicent from the River Soane below across old town to the busy modern city center, the second largest city in France. Our city bus tour took us past the Hotel de Ville (City Hall) and the Place de Terreaux with its magnificent horse fountain designed by Bartholdi. Later in the week we visited the Cathedral St. Jean.

[City View] [Hotel de Ville] [Place de Terreau]

[Place Terreaux Fountain] [Robin at Fountain] [Cathedral St. Jean]

The Beaux Artes Museum with an amazing collection was located right across from Place Terreaux. And at night once again the Basilica and a communications tower dominated the city skyline.

[Beaux Artes Museum] [Museum Gardens] [Basilica Night View]

One of the most interesting museums was the Fabric and Design Museum that was currently hosting a show of Haute Couture clothing by Franck Sorbier.

[Fabric and Design Museum] [Fabric and Design Museum Entance] [Franck Sorbier Display]

One of the most interesting churches was the Abbey of Saint Martin of Ainy dating from the tenth century.

[Abbey of Saint Martin] [Abbey of Saint Martin Nave] [San Martin Altar Mosaic]

As part of college initiation rites, Jim joined in the fun by hitting one student in the face with a cream pie. Lyon is also known as city of fine restaurants. One night we enjoyed half a kilo of mussels at Au Peche de Moules, and another night we tried typical Lyonnaise fare at Le Merciere.

[Jim creaming a student] [Au Peche de Moules Restaurant] [Le Merciere Restaurant]

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