October 2, 2009

Giverny is reached by train from Gare Lazare and a shuttle bus. Claude Monet lived and painted here in this town which is maintained both as an artist’s colony and a most popular tourist attraction featuring his house and gardens.

[Giverny Sing] [Givery Gardens] [Robin in Gardens]

The Gardens are themed by color and are built along the paths to a modern art gallery as well as within Monet’s own property.

[Jim in Gardens] [Monet House Gardens] [Monet House Gardens]

Across the road are the carefully maintained lily pond gardens featured in so many of Monet’s paintings.

[Water Lilies] [Water Lilies] [Water Lilies]

The colors despite this late date were still magnificent as with these geraniums just in front of the entrance to Monet’s home.

[House Gardens] [House Entrance] [Gardens from second floor]

[Drawing Room] [Dining Room] [Kitchen]

After lunch at Les Nymphéas Café we toured around the quaint village of Giverny with old cottages and the Ancien Hotel Baudy

[Jim at Les Nymphéas] [Jim & Robin at Les Nymphéas] [Hotel Baudy]

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