September 5-8, 2009

We began our trip to France with a stop in Geneva Switzerland located on a peninsula jutting into France's eastern border. The city of Geneva is located on Lake Geneva, sometimes called Lake Léman. The most famous landmark is the 1000 foot tall water geyser seen throughout the city.

[Geneva Fountain] [Apartments on Quai de Mont Blanc] [Lake Steamer on Quai]

Geneva is also world famous as being the home base for numberous international organizations such as the United Nations, The Red Cross, International Labor Unions and many others.

[United Nations] [UN Entrance] [Red Cross Headquarters]

Throughout the city and along the lake are many different public parks with great views, games to play and public art.

[Robin and Jim overlooking city] [Chess Game in Bastion Park] [Boy with horse statue]

We even found a statue to Mexico's leader of independence, Hidalgo. The Brunswick Memorial is the mausoleum of a famous city benefactor, and throughout the old town hung giant Swiss flag banners.

[Hidalgo Statue] [Brunswick Memorial] [Swiss Flags in Old Town]

On Sunday we took a tram ride along the south shore of the lake soon to discover that our destination in the 13th century medieval village of Yvoire was actually in France.

[Yvoire Steamer] [Yvoire Entance] [Yvoire Wharf Gardens]

The village was dominated by the old church and castle that once guarded the settlement.

[Yvoire Church] [Yvoire Castle] [Castle from Lake]

Despite the teaming crowds of Sunday tourists, we were able to find a small table at a café for lunch near the castle. Then it was time to head for the lake wharf to pick up our steamer to return to Geneva.

[Robin by Café] [Jim by Café] [Steamer Savoie]

[red line graphic]

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