September 19-22, 2009

After returning our boat Saturday morning, we headed off, by taxi, to Dijon. Hotel du Nord was right on Place Darcy, a beautiful and handy location, close to most of the places we wanted to tour. We ate dinner at the popular Brasserie just across the street that night.

[Hotel Du Nord] [Place Darcy] [Brasserie]

La Rue de Liberte lead from Darcy right into the heart of the old town with its colorful banners, wonderful Plazas, fountains and Notre Dame Church.

[La Rue de Liberté] [Place Francois Rude with Fisherman's Fountain] [Notre Dame Church]

We took the Owl walking tour where we saw many sites including beautiful old private homes. Jim rubbed the owl carving on the church for good luck. And we saw the ancient Maison Milliere built in 1483.

[Private Home] [Jim rubbing owl] [Maison Milliere]

The Palace of the Dukes of Burgundy was one of the grandest sites in Dijon. Now used as an Art Museum and a goverment center, the Palace is on Place Liberation with beautiful modern fountains and cafés.

[Palais des Ducs de Bourgogne] [Place Liberation] [Palais des Ducs de Bourgogne]

The most beautiful church in Dijon is the St. Benigne Cathedral. Jim returned on Friday evening to hear a beautiful organ recital.

[Cathedral St. Benigne] [Cathedral Nave] [Cathedral Organ]

Next to the Cathedral the old St. Benigne Monastery is now the Archeological Museum. We also toured the City Museum in a Benedictine Convent where various city occupations and shops were displayed. On the terrace a man was demonstrating old player pianos.

[Archeological Museum] [City Museum] [Player Pianos]

On Sunday we took the train south to the walled city of Beanne which again featured an Hotel Dieu Hospital.

[Hotel Dieu Hospital] [Hospital Dormitory for the Poor] [Hospital Beds]

Benefactors of the Hospital had better facilities. Also on tour were the old kitchens and the pharmacy.

[Benefactor facilities] [Hospital Kitchen] [Hospital Pharmacy]

We next toured a wine museum and walked through colorful old streets, one with a contemporary wall painting of a movie set.

[Jim at Wine Museum] [Beanne Street Scene] [Jim with wall painting]

Beanne is also know for its wine-growing industry. We took a wine-tasting tour and sampled 15 different wines in their underground "cavas." After this venture we headed back to the train station for our train back to Dijon. On Tuesday morning we headed, again by rail, for Paris.

[Marche Aux Vins] [Jim and Robin wine tasting] [wine tasting keg and bottle]

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