October 30 - November 4, 2009

On our November tour to Chiapas for the Day of the Dead, we began with the Sumidero Canyon cruise en route to San Cristobal de Las Casas.

[Sumidero Canyon boat prep] [Sumidero Canyon boat] [Sumidero Canyon]

Again, the views of the river and the cliffs above were spectacular. This time of year, at the "Christmas Tree" site, the waterfall over the top of the green foliage was making a misty descent.

[Sumidero Canyon] [Sumidero Canyon] [Sumidero Canyon]

We arrived in San Cristobal de las Casas early in the evening and settled into our hotels: the Holiday Inn Flamboyant and the Casa Mexicana. In one of the local restaurants, we saw our first Day of the Dead altar.

[Holiday Inn] [Casa Mexicana] [Day of the Dead Altar]

The next day, we headed for Toniná where our guide Marco explained the history of this tallest Mayan Pyramid in Mexico.

[Toniná] [Marco at Toniná] [Toniná]

[Toniná] [Marco at Toniná] [Toniná]

Only Jim and Marco made it to the top of the pyramid as a light rain began to fall.

[Toniná] [Marcos at summit of Toniná] [Jim at summit of Toniná]

The next morning, the group headed for the indigenous village of Tinacantán where the women and children weave and then wear unique purple and blue clothing. From there they also toured the villages of Chumula and El Romerillo.

[Tinacantán fabric] [Tinacantán children] [Tinacantán women]

The following day we visited the cemetery in San Cristobal where the tombs are built as small houses. Most had been decorated with fresh native flowers.

[Cemetery Tombs] [Cemetery Tombs] [Cemetery Tombs]

[Cemetery Tombs] [Cemetery Tombs] [Cemetery Tombs]

[Cemetery Tombs] [Cemetery Tombs] [Cemetery Tombs]

We also visited the Museum of Popular Culture of Chiapas with their special display of their Altar of the Dead of Zinacantán.

[Day of the Dead Museum] [Altar] [Altar]

San Cristobal is full of many historic old churches such as the Templo de El Carmen.

[El Carmen Arch sign] [Temple El Carmen] [El Carmen Altar]

Throughout the town were many displays honoring of the Day of the Dead. One evening several tour members attended the Palenque Roja performance telling an ancient Mayan legend.

[Day of the Dead Cathedral Cross] [Casa Mexicana Day of the Dead Altar] [Palenque Rojo character]

The final evening of the tour, the group gathered for dinner at San Juan de Dios, an elegant restaurant, institute and art gallery.

[San Juan de Dios] [San Juan interior] [San Juan interior]

A young woman was creating jewelery and many religious objects where on display including a baby Jesus on a pool table.

[Amber jewelery] [Saint statue] [Jesus on the pool table]

The group enjoyed a delicious dinner.

[San Juan dining room] [group for dinner] [group for dinner]

The last morning before returning to the airport was open to shop or relax in the Epifitas Garden.

[San Cristobal street] [Epifitas Garden] [Epifetas Garden]

[red line graphic]

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