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In 1962 I attended one of the first performances of the Shaw Festival originally held for a couple of summer months in the old Court House. Now there are three theaters including the Court House Theater, the Festival Theatre and an old movie house converted to the Prince George Theatre. The season now extends from April into December with many student and seniors matinees. The professional repertory group of actors and producers represent some of the best talent in English-speaking theatre.

[Festival Theatre] [Court House Theatre] [Prince George Theatre]

We saw three plays at the theatres. First at the Featival Theatre we saw a rousing "Mack and Mabel," a not too successful Broadway Musical from 1977 about the lives of famed Canadian early movie maker, Mack Sennett, with his leading lady and girl friend, Mabel Normand. Secondly, we saw a wonderful polished production of Somerset Maughan's "The Circle" at the Prince George. And finally, we returned to the Festival Theatre for Shaw's "Saint Joan" done in a mixture of period and World War I army costumes. While the production was tops, we continue to find Shaw too preachy and wordy. The theatre has a small cafe and outdoor patio where we enjoyed lunches both times.

[Indoor Cafe at Festival Theatre] [Patio at Festival Theatre] [Patio at Festival Theatre]

Niagara-on-the-Lake is a marvelously restored old town built from 1818 after the retreating American Army burnt this former capital of Upper Canada in 1814. It contains some of the best examples of both early Canadian and Victorian architecture. The Holly House in the the final pictures is on sale now for just $2,000,000.

[Court House] [Prince of Wales] [Main Street]

[Residence] [Residence] [Residence]

[Residence] [Fort Niagara Youngstown NY] [Former Inn on River]

[Niagara Museum] [Holly House Entrance] [Holly House]

We also drove up to Niagara Falls to meet another old friend from school, David Lenchyshyn, who showed us around the new Niagara Falls Casino recently built just above the Horseshoe Falls.

[Horseshow Falls] [Niagara Casino] [Horseshow Falls]

[Casino Lobby] [Niagara Casino] [David and Robin]

During our stay in Niagara we met with friends Minor Halliday and Michael and Sandy Hind-Smith and went out for dinner one night to the wonderful new restaurant River Bend built in an old estate on the Niagara River Parkway. The view out the rear dining room window was of the Pellar Estates Winery, one of the premier wineries of over 150 now located throughout the Niagara Penninsula.

[Minor, Sandy and Robin] [River Bend Restaurant] [Pellar Estates Winery]

On our last evening in Niagara we took brother David and his wife Elizabeth to the prestigious old Oban Inn recently converted to a Spa. The new dining room has been leased by one of the best chefs in the area, Tony de Luca, shown here with his new cookbook.. One small alcove of the former bar has been preserved with its colorful tartan carpet and photos of many of the original Shaw Festival actors.

[Oban Inn Dining Room] [Chef Tony de Luca] [Shaw Photos]

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