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In 1956 when living at Queenston, Niagara Township opened Niagara District High School so that local students would no longer have to be transported to Niagara Falls schools. I attended Grade 10 in that first year and graduated Grade 13 in 1960. One of the highlights of attending the school was serving on the panel for the TV Quiz Show "Knowledge College" aired on Channel 11 Hamilton. We appeared on 5 programs.

I was pleased to see my favorite high school teacher, Charles Salter, who had been my Latin teacher for four years and became Principal after I graduated. David Lailey, now of Lailey Vineyards, was my roommate at McMaster University over my first year in 1960-61.

[Robin with Charles Salter] [Robin and Reunion Banner] [Robin with Dave Lailey]

A Wine and Cheese Tasting Party was held on Friday night and I scouted out old classmates from the 1956-60 period. Not too many could be found and I missed several that I knew were there, but could not locate in the huge crowd attending in the gyms.

[Robin with Deana Dawdy] [Robin and mystery people] [Robin with Sarah Rigg and friend]

Ken and MaryAnn Bird also attended and invited us to a Barbeque the following Sunday along with my younger brother Ralph and his wife Myrt. Ken and Ralph had been best friends in the early years, while I was best friends with Ken's older brother Ron.

[Ken and MaryAnn Bird] [Judy Collard] [Birds and Lawrasons]

NDSS has specialized in the Arts including drama because of its proximity to the Shaw Festival in the old town. But a shrinking number of young people and a growing number of seniors in what has become a large retirement and wine-growing area means that the school could close in the coming years.

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