Once again Jim and I stayed with my older brother Dave and his wife Elizabeth in St. Catharines. One night we went out to dinner with Dave's daughter Lynda, her friend Michael and her two sons Bryton and Dylan. While his son Peter was unable to be there, his daughter Cassie and son Jake came along as well. Ralph and Myrt came down from Burlington to round out the family reunion.

[Elizabeth & Dave] [Dylan, Cassie, Jake & Bryton] [Lawrason Clan]

Jim and I both enjoyed Dave and Elizabeth's lively Cockapoo dogs, Snoopy and Scooby.

[Robin & Jim] [Snoopy & Scooby] [Robin & Jim]

Another night we drove up to Burlington to visit Ralph and Myrt and their daughter Elizabeth's family with husband Steve and two sons Derek and Jesse.

[Ralph & Myrt] [Ralph & Robin] [Hood Family: Steve, Elizabeth, Derek & Jesse]

[Steve and Elizabeth] [Derek & Jesse] [Robin & Jim]

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Ontario 2007 Trip

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